Founded in 1850, Artcarved has a history almost as rich as its stunning engagement rings. Artcarved is credited with inventing the first seamless wedding ring which began the tradition of a wedding band accompanying each engagement ring. In 1909, Artcarved released a color catalog of bridal rings allowing, for the first time, a wide selection of rings for couples to choose from. During World War II the United States Congress forced jewelers to cease production in order to direct metals to the war effort. Artcarved was the only company given permission to continue producing wedding rings allowing a nation at war to continue honoring love. During the Golden Age of Hollywood Artcarved rings adorned Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Wyman and Bing Crosby. It is safe to say that through its 170 years, no designer has marked more American love stories with their rings than Artcarved. Today, Artcarved marries their unmatched experience with modern technology to create a bridal jewelry collection that is meant to last generations. From classic-chic and heirloom-vintage to clean contemporary, Artcarved has a ring to fit every personal style.