Karl Lagerfeld is known as one of the world’s most visionary and renowned designers. While Lagerfeld is best known for serving 35 years as the creative director for CHANEL he also held positions with CHLOE, FENDI and VALENTINO. His iconic personal style and silhouette is identified by his high starched collars, long white pony tail, jet black sunglasses and fingerless gloves. His fearless voicing of his often brash opinions and his willingness to make bold design decisions led to his unchallenged status as the king of runway fashion. KARL LAGERFELD bridal jewelry is Parisian inspired with styles that evoke a sense of romance. "The rings had to express something that concerns the heart and real feelings," Karl Lagerfeld says, "It has to be a symbol of a real wish of engagement." The geometric shapes, studded motifs and architectural influences stand in sharp contrast to most jewelry designs. They are uniquely KARL and are reminiscent of his design ethos “I design like I breathe,” he said of his artistic process, “you don’t ask to breathe — it just happens.”