Lashbrook is an American designer focused on fully-custom, handmade men’s rings. Erik Laker founded Lashbrook in 2000 and named the company after his great, great grandfather one of the first settlers of the American west. Today, they honor that pioneering spirit by breaking the perceived limitations of what is possible in a men’s wedding band. Lashbrook uses unique materials and innovative techniques to produce rings that a truly your own creation. Boasting 25 international design awards Lashbrook was the first to launch, Damascus steel, carbon fiber, and camouflage collections and innovated the use of Meteriote, natural wood, zirconium and antler in wedding rings. Over 100 craftsman use the latest in lasers, CNC machining along with hand finishing in their state-of-the-art Utah manufacturing facility. If you are looking for a men’s wedding band that is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind Lashbrook is the designer for you.