There were two words often spoken by Scott Kay that define his eponymous brand, “Never Compromise!” While Brooklyn born, Kay, an all-star high school athlete, possessed work-ethic and drive he didn’t desire an ordinary college life. On a walk home from an after-school catering job he saw a lug-nut on the sidewalk and picked it up. Scott Kay spent the rest of the evening crafting that rugged piece of steel into a pinky ring, then it hit him… “That was a lot of fun, I could do this!” He applied to the prestigious Fashion Institute of technology in New York City and was unceremoniously denied admission. Not one to take a “No!” at face value, Scott took a two-hour bus ride and barged into the admissions office brandishing his lug-nut ring. He begged for a chance to prove himself and that passionate plea paid off, “We’ll see if you have any talent,” Scott remembers the man said. After graduating from F.I.T. Scott Kay founded his design house and began using a mostly-forgotten metal, Platinum, which he is frequently credited with re-introducing to the jewelry industry. “I got to thinking, ‘Platinum stands for the best of the best: platinum credit cards, platinum records. Why is there no presence in our industry?’ During his renowned career punctuated by his unabashed personality and brave designs he adorned countless celebrities but always put faith and family first. Today, Scott Kay’s iconic designs live on and his design house continues producing innovative bridal jewelry in his honor and with his spirit, “Never Compromise!”